UPVC Components

We hold a variety of UPVC Components including:

Multipoint Locks

Mulipoint locks are primarily used on UPVC doors and there are several different types of locking point including:

  • Hook
  • Deadbolt
  • Roller Cam
  • Mushroom Cam
  • Finger Bolt
  • Centre Latch
  • Anti Lift Pin and Hook

Please note that many locks have more than one type.

We hold many different manufacturers on multipoint in our shop, for example: Yale, GU, Mila and Winkhaus

Our team are always more than happy to help identify which locking mechanism you require to ensure that you don't purchase the wrong lock. The measurements that we usually ask for to determine this are from spindle to key and the backset of your existing mechanism. 


Our range of handles for UPVC Windows offer an ideal solution when replacing broken or worn handles to suit a variety of applications. We have industry leading knowledge when it comes to UPVC window handles, helping our customers choose the correct replacement for what they require.

We stock:

  • Lever and Lever/Pad handles for UPVC doors
  • UPVC Window handles (including: Espag, Cockspur, Tilt and Turn and Spade)


In many cases it's possible, rather than replacing the full lock, to replace just the centre gearbox on a multipoint locking system as they are fixed on by a couple of bolts its a relatively straightforward job to do. We are pleased to offer a wide range of centre cases., including the following manufacturers: GU, Era, Saracen, Mila, Yale, Fullex and Maco.

Window Restrictors

Restrictors add that much needed security to your window operation, especially if there are children or vulnerable people living in your household. 

We have two main types of restrictor: window restrictor hinges and safety locking restrictors. Both items only allow the window to open a small amount, but with safety locking restrictors, the restrictor is fitted With a ‘push to open’ cable release button. The button can be deadlocked with a key for extra security.