Padlocks and Hasps

We stock a wide variety of padlocks and hasps including:

Small Brass Body Padlocks

These are most commonly used for lockers, sheds, luggage, sheds, etc. They have a hardened steel shackle and usually come supplied with either two or three keys. They're a low security, cost-effective option for domestic settings. 

Combination Padlocks

These can range from the small Asec TSA Combination Padlock, which is used exclusively on luggage, when travelling to the USA, so customs can have access to your baggage in order to search it. We then have more high security options for commercial and industrial applications such as the Master Lock 1174D Open Shackle Combination Padlock. This padlock is made from corrosion resistant stainless steel with a hardened steel open shackle. It also has a shackle seal and dial dust cover to protect its components. Its deadlocking mechanism provides resistance against prying and shimmying lock attacks. 

Marine Grade Padlocks

These are specifically designed for outdoor use, they provide the ultimate protection, even in extreme weather conditions. These padlocks are typically constructed from stainless steel and will not corrode over time, even when exposed to salty air in coastal areas; making them ideal for applications in external settings. 

Discus Padlocks

A discus padlock, so called because of its disc shape, has a curved shackle that goes right the way around its circumference. They were initially designed to be used directly in conjunction with a hasp and staple. This means the already restricted shackle is completely covered, making it highly difficult for it to be cut, hammered or bolt cropped.

Sliding Shackle Padlocks

The sliding shackle padlock is designed to be robust and have a high resistance to attack. It is ideal for shutter or link chain applications where security is an issue. 


A hasp and staple is a piece of exterior door hardware used to secure gates, garden shed and other outdoor buildings with a padlock.

We have hasps available from the following manufacturers: Abus, Maxus and Asec. 

One of our product, the Asec Wire Hasp and Staple, is great for replacing the old latch on your gate or putting up a new one, and can also be used to keep storage units locked up.