Door Furniture

We hold a variety of door furniture items including:

Door Knockers

These range from the more traditional designs like the Avocet Victorian Urn to more modern, subtle designs such as the Avocet Affinity. They come in a range of finishes including: white, polished chrome and brass. There are plenty of options to suit the customer's aesthetics needs. 

Internal Letterboxes

A must have item for any front door, we stock a range of internal letterboxes (also referred to as a letter plate or letter tidy), we have options for both wooden and UPVC front doors. Exitex is the leading brand for this product, they provide them in white and brass finishes and also there are options for those with a spring closing aluminium flap for further privacy and protection of your post. 

Door Handles

We stock suitable options for both wooden and UPVC front doors. These can range from the more basic designs such as the Mila ProLinea Lever Door Handles to the more robust designs such as the Smith and Locke Fire Rated Lever on Rose door handles. We can match you with the correct product depending on your door type and required measurements for the handle. 


They provide a neat and personalised finish to any front door lock. We have a great selection of escutcheons depending on your design needs, .i.e- colour finish, shapes, if your front door lock houses a euro or oval cylinder, if you prefer the escutcheon to be self adhesive or fixed to the door with screws.